Rubber Stamping & Scrapbooking Accessories

                                                        Word & Phrases  

W1 Unmounted            UN   2.00
W4   Smap!             UN 1.00
W7  What are you looking at    UN 2.00
W10 Come and Sit for a spell    UN  2.00
W13  Thinking of you           UN  3.50
W16  Silver Bells             UN 2.50
W19  Merry Christmas          UN 4.00
W22  Whats not to love?  UN  1.50
W25  Wishing you a full recovery    UN 3.00
W28  Has the world gone buggy?   UN  2.00
W31  Hallmark NOT!     UN  2.00
W34  From one Chick to another   UN 2.00
W37  Beeyoutiful !                UN  1.50
W40  TO:   FROM:              UN  1.00
W43  The Devil made me do it...  UN 1.50
W46  Life without Pepsi           UN  4.50

W49   You Crack me up !       3.00

W52  No Wise Cracks               2.00
W2  Thanks a Latte        UN   2.00 
W5  Silent I kill you            UN 1.00
W8  Happy Birthday          UN 3.00
W11   Holiday Cheer!           UN  3.00
W14  No... I'm not the coke bear  Un  2.50
W17  Enjoy the colors of Autumn!   UN 2.00
W20  You said WHAT about me?  UN  2.00
W23  I don't do Mornings, Pepsi  Un  3.00
W26  Dont hate me cause    UN 2.50
W29  Blah-blah-blah          UN  1.50
W32  Take it down a notch!       UN 1.50
W35  You wished for WHAT!     UN 2.00
W38   Heard you caught a bug !    UN 2.00
W41   Filled with Love!        UN 2.00
W44  All you need is love        UN 1.50
W47 Lets get something straigh.  UN 1.50
W50   Oh Hale No           1.00
W53    Spare me the Holiday Cheer    2.50
W3 What could be Scarier?     UN 2.00
W6  Don't Forget         UN   2.50 
W9   Warm Wishes etc.       UN 3.00
W12  Graduation                 UN 2.00
W15  Friends                  UN  3.00
W18  Wanted               UN  1.00
W21  The Devil made me do it..    UN 1.50
W24   My family puts the "fun"   UN  4.50
W27  I dont do mornings Mt Dew   UN 3.00
W30   Just another Day!         UN 3.00
W33      Hand Stamped        UN 2.50
W36  May all your weeds be         UN 2.00
W39  Whats buggin Ya?           UN 1.50
W42  You make me Glow           UN 2.00
W45  Sometimes when things get  UN  3.00
W48  Yada, Yada, Yada         UN 1.50
W51     Success               1.50
W54   I have a bone to pick with you.   2.00